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PAR2™ plays like a real round of golf.

Each hole is a PAR 2 and you’re on the green in regulation, Putting for a Birdie. 

Use the PAR2 Scorecard and choose from the Pro Course or the Executive Course, or design your own 9 or 18 hole course.

Flip a coin to see who goes first to start the game and take turns putting first after that.
The length of the first putt for each hole is determined by the scorecard.

Miss a putt and the graphics on the mat determine where your next putt will be attempted from, anywhere from 3’ to 6’ depending how good (or how bad) your putt was. 

In the video below, you will see Ashley putting for a Birdie from 9'. She misses to the left and the ball goes into the 4L section of the mat so her next putt for a Par is attempted from the 4' mark on the left side of the mat.

She misses this putt also and because the ball finished in the 3 section of the mat, her final putt for a Bogie is from 3' in the center of the mat.