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About PAR2®

Putting Practice is BORING!
About half the game of golf is putting and we could immediately improve our game by several strokes by practicing our putting game. But that's So Boring that we don't practice putting at all, or maybe we spend two or three minutes on the putting green at the course just before we tee off.

That's why we developed PAR2®, a truly challenging Putting Game that can be played anywhere, anytime. No more boring putting practice.

Play it with friends or play it alone and try to beat your best score. You will enjoy playing and while you are having fun, you will be experiencing a very productive Putting Practice session.

The standard golf hole is 4 1/4" and the hole in the PAR2™ game is 2 1/2". Putting to this smaller hole causes you to really concentrate on every putt, even the 3 footers. You will immediately notice your Putting improve. Once you get to the golf course the hole will look huge to you and you will surprise your golfing buddies with your new found putting skills. 
We made Putting Practice fun so you can "Practice While You Play".

Made in the U.S.A.
Patent Pending.